Flood Control – Greenbelt Project – City of San Antonio

The City of San Antonio is constantly working to improve flood control where creeks and run-offs occur that will impact roads or housing development.   This particular project in on the northwest side of San Antonio, near Timber Path, as it crossed between Grissom Road and Culebra Road.    We did some video back in February and then again about a month later in March, just to show how aerial drone footage can be used to monitor the progress of the construction and to be sure the contractors are on schedule and doing it the way you wanted.

This short 1 minute video is just an example of how drones can be used to monitor the progress of a construction project. This particular project is being done by the City of San Antonio Public Works, for flood control and to install more bike paths as part of their greenbelt initiative. This location happens to be near my neighborhood and is subject to frequent flooding, closing streets downstream for days on end after a big storm.

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