Types of Projects

Anyone can go buy a cheap drone at the store, or online, and go fly it. They can also lose control of it or crash it. The quality of drones varies widely and wildly, as does the experience level of many drone pilots.

Yellow Rose Drones uses only high quality brand & model drones that can stay in the air 20-30 minutes (under normal conditions) and obtain stable, smooth 4K video footage and high resolution photos.  Most lower cost drones will not be so stable.   See some of our videos below, showing  a drone flying in winds gusting over 20mph, but the video quality is still steady as a rock.

Note:  Any videos recorded prior to October 2020, were done for fun, not as a commercial pilot, and therefore might have been flown under different restrictions regarding night time flights. You will see that my sense of humor occasionally surfaces in my videos.  All commercial videos were approved by the customer prior to posting on YouTube or Rumble.

Here are a few select examples of projects that we have done recently…