60th Annual Texas Water Safari – 8 videos this year

The Texas Water Safari is an annual boat race that travels from San Marcos, Texas, 262 miles downstream to Seadrift, Texas, on the Gulf Coast, in less than 100 hours. We were tasked with covering the first checkpoint, Staples Dam, just 16 miles down river from San Marcos, but we finished up early and did 1 video each for the next 2 checkpoints downstream, plus an extra video for the 2-person Team 56 who finished in 59.5  hours.

This year, we flew the DJI Avata FPV drone like a butterfly looking for another flower to visit.  We flitted around from canoe to canoe, chasing them as they arrived or as they departed downstream.  Using the Avata drone, allowed us to get safely closer to the participants and gain that otherwise impossible viewpoint that you could not achieve with a normal camera drone, or a camera on shore.

We spent most of the day doing this, plus countless hours of editing afterward, but the results were very popular with the organizers and the participants.  We’ve been invited back for next year and we’ll try to cover more checkpoints as well.

If your community or sporting event needs top quality coverage like we provided to the TWS, please reach out to us for a free quote.  We usually offer a flat Per Diem rate, based upon time & travel, plus expected editing time afterwards.

Here is the playlist for the 2023 Texas Water Safari.