Drone Fly-Thru of Your Business – WTF BBQ Restaurant & Eagle’s Nest Saloon

This  type of promo  video has been trending over the past year and we decided to see if we could make one as well. We reached out to the owner of Whiskey Fox Trot BBQ in a nearby town and asked if we could fly an annoyingly loud mosquito thru his restaurant and bar some morning before the crowds arrived.  He didn’t hesitate to accept our offer and we did it.   

We learned a few tricks and tips to make it better the next time.  This video was actually from our first flight through the facility and not the best of the four flights.   But this place has a gravel parking lot and it was both dry and dusty at the time, as you will notice.   That dust got onto the drone and the camera lens while we were flying a few feet off the ground on our way to enter the doors of the Saloon.  

Unfortunately, we didn’t notice the dust accumulation in the view from the goggles, so the dust got worse each time we landed and took off on another flight.  The 4th flight was almost perfect and would have required almost zero editing, had it not been for the dust.  The owner was still ecstatic over the results and agreed to accept it for his use.

Whiskey Fox Trot BBQ has among the best BBQ I’ve found near San Antonio. He started with a food trailer and just recently opened a fixed location BBQ Restaurant and Saloon in the Pipe Creek Texas area in 2022. It’s located at 4951 FM-1283, about half way between Hwy 16 and PR 37. See end of video for hours and contact info.

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